Helpful Pest Control Tips According to the Cook's Pest Control Blog

House Mice in Winter

Although insects decline as the temperatures drop, warm-blooded pests like rodents are still as active as ever. When the outdoors become inhospitable, rodents travel in search of warmth, food, and shelter, which often leads them into our toasty, food-packed homes. The small and curious house mouse is a common invader of homes during the cooler… Read more »

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Mosquitoes in Winter

What happens to those pesky mosquitoes in the winter? They hibernate, or overwinter, although it depends on the species how they overwinter. Some mosquitoes spend the winter months as adults, others as larvae or pupae, and others still as eggs. Overwintering is a type of dormancy, so any overwintering adult mosquitoes are not out biting… Read more »

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Subterranean Termites in Winter

Have you ever wondered what happens to termites in the winter? If you’ve never wondered, are you wondering now? The answer to this question is less than exciting but not reassuring to a homeowner: they don’t go anywhere! During the winter months, insects seem to vanish from sight, only to magically reappear when the weather… Read more »

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Pest Profile: Red Paper Wasp

Pest Profile: Red Paper Wasp (Polistes carolina)(Insecta: Hymenoptera: Vespidae) Kristen Stevens, BCE Paper wasps are in the family Vespidae. The red paper wasp Polistes carolina is distributed throughout the eastern and south central United States. It is an elongate, slender wasp that is usually brownish-red with yellow markings. Paper wasps build their nests from saliva… Read more »

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Overwintering Pests

Kristen Stevens, BCE (Stink Bugs, Kudzu Bugs, and Lady Bugs) As winter approaches, we don’t often think of insects; we think more of holiday treats and cold weather eliminating our not-so-welcome house guests. However, that notion is false. Well, at least the part about pests – those holiday treats should be thoroughly enjoyed! There are… Read more »

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