Protect Your Business with Commercial Building Termite Control

It’s about protecting what’s inside. Cook’s uses the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ technology because it has proven to be the most effective method for termite protection.

How to Identify Termites

It takes a pro to tell if termites are lurking in your facility. It’s easy to mistake a carpenter ant for a termite because they both have wings during the reproductive stage. To eliminate the guesswork, contact Cook’s for a free inspection.

How We Treat: Sentricon®

Compared to liquid chemical treatments, the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ technology uses bait stations placed around your business. This eliminates the need for chemical injections in the foundation.

The Sentricon System with Always Active™ technology has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a leader in green chemistry, having received four Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards.

Risk Of Not Treating

Eliminating termites helps protect your product inventory and integrity, which can save you thousands of dollars. In restaurants, termites often swarm around Easter and Mother’s Day, which can drive away business and hurt your reputation. Termites can also attack your paper files, potentially destroying irreplaceable documents.

About Termites

  • Five billion dollars of damage is done to five million structures and rarely does insurance cover termite damage.
  • Termite damage is often not covered by business insurance. Check your policy to find out your coverage options.
  • Buildings constructed out of concrete or steel still contain construction materials (sheetrock, insulation, flooring, doors/ framing, cabinets, shelving, trim, etc.) that termites like to eat.

Cook's Steps of Service


Cook’s does a thorough inspection of your business to determine if there are termites and what current damage may or may not exist.


When termites are detected, we use the Sentricon System with Always Active™ technology. Sentricon stations typically are placed 8-10 feet apart, all around the perimeter of your property.


The active ingredient, noviflumuron, gets shared within the colony and prevents termites from maturing through molting. Without molting, the colony can no longer survive.


After the installation, two inspections occur per year. Sentricon requires a yearly inspection, but Cook’s performs two to make ensure everything is working properly.

Defending Your Business...

Cook’s does a thorough inspection of your business to determine potential signs of termites. Evidence such as shed wings, mud tubes, and wood damage are assessed.

...By Eliminating the Colony

The active ingredient, noviflumuron, gets shared within the colony and prevents termites from maturing through molting. Without molting, the colony can no longer survive.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who is responsible for the treatment?

You will need to carefully read your lease agreement. Often, in commercial spaces, the tenant is actually the one responsible for termite treatment. However, this does vary case by case, so reading over your own agreement will tell you if you or the landlord is responsible.

Will my insurance cover termite damage?

Currently, termite damage is usually not covered by insurance. Cook’s can help you protect your business before issues occur.

My building is made out of metal. Why do I need termite protection?

Termite protection is about protecting far more than just your physical structure – it keeps employees and customers healthy, projects an appearance of cleanliness, and will protect anything made of wood inside your business – from cabinets down to business cards

I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate [our pest control technician’s] diligence and preparation for our SQF audit this week…We really appreciate his dedication. We scored a 99 out of 100. No points were deducted from the pest control area.

Tom, Shelbyville, TN
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