Why Cook's Should Be Your Commercial Partner

From the Talladega Superspeedway to power plants, hospitals, supermarkets, and more, Cook’s is the Southeast’s preferred commercial pest control provider.

Flexible Billing, Scheduling, and Security to Meet Your Unique Needs

We offer our commercial customers customized billing and flexible scheduling, including after-hours appointments. Plus, Cook’s professionals can meet all your security requirements because they’re prescreened and tested, with clearly marked vehicles, uniforms, and picture IDs.

Discussion of Cook’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy—the long-term approach to pest control.

Assessment of building interior and exterior to identify conditions, cracks, gaps, moisture leaks, food waste in inappropriate areas, etc., than can help prevent pest issues.

Clarification of your organization’s pest control policies (e.g., zero tolerance for both destructive and non-destructive pests).

Review of past and present documentation. Discussion of all relevant industry standards and audits (e.g., SQF food auditors from the Global Food Safety Initiative).